Caring for your new trumpet:
Your trumpet needs to be cared for properly in order to maintain good use. The valves, valve casings and the slides of the trumpet need to be maintained regularly. A NEW trumpet needs to have the valve casings cleaned and oiled DAILY for about 2-3 weeks while you break in the valves. And then, after the break-in period, about every 14-30 days. If proper care is not given, the trumpet valves will begin to become sticky. Do not be alarmed if starts to happen, proper cleaning of the valve casing and valve piston will bring the valve back to normal fast action.

To clean piston valves, remove pistons. Wash the pistons and the inside of casings with liquid dish soap and a very damp piston brush. Pistons are easily dented, so handle them carefully. Rinse with warm water, then dry with clean cloth. Lubricate the piston and the casing with the valve oil and re-assemble. Be sure to put each piston in the proper casing. Number one casing is the nearest to the mouthpiece; number three is nearest to the bell. Each piston is numbered. Each piston also has a plastic tab under the spring that fits into a keyway in the valve casing. Some trumpets have two keyways, a larger and smaller, be sure to inspect and properly install the piston with keyway.

The trumpet outfit that you purchased also included a maintenance kit. The kit contains all the necessary tools, lubricants and instruction to properly maintain your new trumpet. Please follow the proper maintenance to insure good, long lasting performance.

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