Drum Set Instructions

Use the instructions to help you assemble your new drum set. Remember to have a large open area where you can spread out the parts before you begin. There are a lot of parts for a full size drum set, but don't worry, once you get started the process is very intuitive and fun.

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Assembling the Toms
Figures 1 & 4

1) Place the top drum head to the drum shell with the logo on the drum shell is facing upright. The head will fit snugly around the outside of the shell.

2) Fit the rim on top of the drum head - placing it so it is evenly seated around all sides of the drum head. Then line-up the holes in the rim with the lugs on the drum shell.

3) Place the washers on the tension rods, and then insert the rods into the holes of the rim. The tension rods will screw into the lugs. Hand tighten the tension rods, making sure the rim is even around all sides of the drum shell.

4 ) Now you may use a drum key to tune the drum head. Keep the head evenly seated on the drum shell. When tuning, press down on the center of the drum head with the palm of your hand. This will help to stretch the head so it will not go out of tune as easily. Repeat this process on the top and bottom of each tom.


Assembling The Bass Drum
Figures 2 & 5

1) The bass drum is assembled in mush the same way as the toms.

2) Place the white batter drum head on the side of the bass drum that will face the drummer and bass drum pedal -the side that is furthest away from the leg mounts.

3) Place the hoop on top of the drum head making sure it is evenly seated around all sides,

4) The bass tension rods are longer than the torn tension rods. . Place the washers on the tension rods, and then the claw hooks. Position the tension rod in line with the lug and rest the claw hook in the hoop. Hand tighten the tension rod. Repeat this step for the remaining tension rods.

5)Tune the drum head in the same way you tuned the toms.

6) Turn the drum over. Insert the drum spurs (legs) into the leg mounts and then repeat the same process and place the front bass drum head (with the logo) on the bass drum and tune.


Mounting the Toms
Figure 6

1) Insert the long tube into the torn mount of the bass drum and tighten the screw. Use this to adjust the height of each tom.

2) Then tighten the screw on the tom mount of the drum.

3) Using the joint of the tom arm, you may adjust the angle the torn.

4) Tighten the locks and repeat process on the other tom.

Floor Tom
Figure 7

1) After placing the heads and rims on the floor tom in the same way as you have attached the other heads, insert the long floor tom rods that raise it off the floor.


Hi Hat Stand
Figures 3 & 8

1) Refer to diagrams to assemble the hi-hat stand, high hat clutch and to place the hi hat cymbals. The hi-hat cymbal are 14" in diameter.


Attaching Bass Drum Pedal to the Bass Drum

1) Place the base under the bass drum hoop and make sure the clamp is over the hoop. Tighten the screw until the clamp fits securely on the hoop


Snare Assembly
Figure 9

Put the snare together is a snap. Just follow the steps on the diagram.


Now you should be ready to play! Remember, nothing will help you become a good player faster than by finding a good, qualified music instructor.Good luck and good drumming!

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