To Install the bridge
The center of the foot of the bridge should be lined up between the two inner
notches located at the center of the F holes. The violin bridge should be centered
as you sight down the violin fingerboard from the scroll.
The E string side of the bridge is lower than the G string side. As you sight down
the fingerboard, the E string will be on the left of the soundpost side of the violin.
The strings should be evenly spaced across the bridge.

To Rosin the Bow
To properly rosin the bow, pull the bow hair across the rosin very slowly at least
20 times. Pull the head of the bow (6" or 8”) across the rosin, 3 or 4 additional
times. Also pull the frog end of the bow (6" or 8”) across the rosin 3 or 4 additional times. Wipe the rosin residue off the bow stick and the violin stings after each use. Always loosen the bow hair after each use At the end of the bow, where the frog is located is an adjustment screw for loosening the bow hair.

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